Hybrid wiper blades

These new wiper blades are suitable for passenger cars with wipers ranging from 330 up to 700 mm. They do not have metal supporting frame. Rubber blade is attached directly to side springs and, thanks to specific shape, blades stay as aerodynamic as they possibly can. Special shape of rubber blade and lack of metal frame improve adhesion to the windshield. Majority of new cars are equipped in flat wiper blades.

Anti-corrosion resistance: above 480 hours (salt chamber test, specifications in acc. with ASTM B – 117).

Rubber blade – made of a rubber compound based on 100 per cent natural rubber and 12 other chemical components with addition of graphite which improves friction factor and prevents noisy wiper operation. A unique technology of adding graphite at the compound level – rather than spraying it on the surface – eliminates any residue on the windscreen. MOTGUM rubber blades comply with respective FIAT and GM norms regarding mechanical properties, wiping quality and ozone resistance.

Side stringers – made of acid-resistant steel 1.4310 (2H18N9) of strength exceeding 1800 N/sq. mm.

Metal parts (brackets) – made of strain-hardened steel sheets with anti-corrosion aluzinc coating above 25 microns

Plastic parts – made of PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) – a plastic resin of exceptional mechanical properties and high endurance to atmospheric factors.

Coating – paint: polyester resin of high resistance to UV rays and atmospheric factors (salts, acids, exhaust pollution).

MOTGUM wiper blades comply with FIAT 9.93605 and DAEWOO EDS – M – 7501 standards regarding functionality and material properties. Both rubbers and complete wiper blades are certified with „B” safety certificates (compulsory for all automotive parts sold in Poland). The entire process of manufacturing is periodically qualified and evaluated by MOTGUM’s major customers.

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