Durability of wiper blades

Wiper blade is made of metal elements, plastic and rubber. Special rubber compound of which the filler is made, is resistant to low and high temperatures, UV radiation, as well as to alcohol used in washer fluids.
Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and environmental conditions do their job. After some time the rubber becomes hard, loses its elasticity and becomes fragile. So-called "lip" of the rubber blade is prone degradation. Friction against firmer glass leads to rounding of edges which results in worse quality of cleaning. Numerous trails appear. In winter time rubber edge often freezes and can separate when ripped of the glass. To avoid scratches on windscreen, we strongly recommend that wiper blades should be replaced at least once a year.

Windscreen surface and washer fluid

In the course of car usage rubber blade and other components of the system are getting worn up. The surface of glass is constantly bombarded by sand particles, stones, dust and dirt. The older the car, the higher mileage, the more the windscreen is damaged. Under a microscope its surface looks like porous pumice. Residues of oils and greases raised from a road surface, insects, wax from car wash cleansers for protection, get inside the porous glass surface. All these factors negatively influence the quality of cleaning and rubber lifetime. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the windscreen with chemicals specially designed for car  glass. This treatment will allow to remove grease from glass, remove the remains of insects, wax and other pollutions. It is also necessary to remember to apply special liquids for sprinklers. Highly concentrated liquids will not wash better at all. Coversely – they can have a destructible effect on rubber blade, shortening its lifespan. During our laboratory research we have noted that in moderate temperatures, the best cleaning effect is reached with washer agent slightly diluted with distilled or demineralized water.  Do not use tap water! It can leave deposit in the washer fluid tank, pipelines and sprinkler hoses!

Condition of wiper arms

The wiper arm is very important and underestimated element of the whole wiper system. The strength of blade pressure against windscreen coming from the spring in the arm weakens with time and can affect the quality of cleaning even with a new screen wipers. Salt, dirt, sand and dust lead to abrasion of moving arm joint. This weakens blade pressure against windscreen and results in improper operation of wipers. Trails and unwiped sectors may appear on a windscreen. In this case you should improve joint mobility, greasing it with penetrating oil such as WD-40, straightening and lowering the arm back on a screen a few times.
A proper arm pressure is especially important if you use flat wiper blades!
If the arm was bent for any reason (e.g. the car after accident, defective brushes in automatic car wash, etc.) blade can jump up and produce grating sounds during operation, especially on one side. The blade edge should be completely perpendicular to glass surface. This problem is quite common and it might be necessary to correct arm’s geometry or simply replace it.

Wiper drive system

The last element is a drive system of screen wipers. In old cars, abrasion of pins on which screen wipers are settled may occur, as well as damage of sliding elements of linkage system hidden under. It can manifest itself in jumping or other irregular wiping performance. As a rule, these elements are assembled as one part, but several drops of penetrating oil can help for some time.
Bad performance of wipers can also be caused by too big gaps, resulting from usage. Whole system geometry changes in uncontrollable way, and signs can be identical: jerking, irregular work, and even blade hitting the glass seal. Unfortunately, in this case it is necessary to replace the whole wiper drive system.
We have made these and other observations in the course of over thirty years of experience and laboratory research in Motgum. Our aim was to draw your attention to the fact how complex and important part of your car the screen wipers are. Take care of each element of this system. Buy only proved products of known manufacturers with long-term experience that guarantee quality, safety and comfort travel in bad weather.
If you have any additional questions, contact us at motgum@motgum.com
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